All set to see the Great Pyramid and have yourself an unforgettable adventure in the desert? Grab the best Egypt eSIM and experience world-class connectivity with Holiday eSIM! Experience the convenience of easy installation, crystal clear coverage across the country, and more with our range of eSIM plans designed for the casual traveler to the hardcore user.

Holiday eSIM plans will keep you connected with high-speed 4G and 5G data as you explore Egypt, saving you time and energy. You won’t ever have to wait for things to load or buffer as you’ll have a seamless mobile data experience guaranteed!

Which eSIM provider is best for Egypt?

When picking an eSIM plan, you are looking to improve your overall travel experience. You need a plan that gets you the results without tasking you to take any additional effort. You also want your eSIM to serve all your connectivity needs while also saving you time and money. Here are some top reasons to pick Holiday eSIM for your Egypt travel.

High-speed data

You can expect a premium connectivity experience with Holiday eSIM! With blazing-fast 5G and 4G speeds, you won’t have to deal with poor network speeds. We have partnered with leading network providers around the world to assure you a strong network signal wherever you are in supported countries.

International coverage

Holiday eSIM for Egypt comes in three varieties, all of which offer international coverage. This means you don’t need to change your prepaid Egypt eSIM if you choose to leave the country. With network coverage in over 190 countries, you can travel freely and not worry about your eSIM failing to work once you cross a border. For a detailed list of the countries supported, check the details on the product page.

Easy installation

Although eSIMs are relatively easy to install, some providers require you to install cumbersome apps. Not only does this eat into your phone’s storage, such apps may often turn out to be intrusive and require you to go through KYC procedures or share personal information. With Holiday eSIM, the focus is all about ease of use. With just a QR code needed to install, you can get up and running with your prepaid eSIM for Egypt in under a minute. No additional apps or personal details are required!

Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot enabled

Holiday eSIM believes in giving travelers the freedom to use their data as they need. Therefore, there are no restrictions on your Holiday eSIM Egypt to set up tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data.

These are just a few of the reasons that makes Holiday eSIM the best eSIM for Egypt.

Which eSIM is best for Egypt?

Holiday eSIM gives you three eSIM plans that work in Egypt. Here is a table comparing their key features.



Data Allowance

Plan Validity

Price (USD)



Price per GB

Main Features


Holiday World eSIM


14 days



4G data speed

Pure data eSIM

Worldwide coverage


Egypt eSIM Go Inter



15 days




5G data speed

53 countries supported


Global eSIM



15 days




5G/4G data speed

120 countries supported

Unlimited 2G data

Orange Holiday World eSIM – Best worldwide coverage

The Orange Holiday World gives you connectivity around the world. Supported in over 190 countries including Egypt, the plan gives you 10GB 4G data valid for 14 days. The worldwide coverage offered by this plan allows you to travel and communicate while abroad with zero hassle.

Key features

  • Price$44.10

  • Data: 10GB 4G data

  • Service speed: 4G/LTE

  • Network: Orange

  • Service coverage: Works in 190 countries including Greece. See countries coverage on the product page for more details

  • Tethering/Wi-Fi hotspot: Allowed

  • Credit validity: 14 days

  • Phone number: This eSIM does not include a phone number

Buy Orange Holiday World eSIM for Egypt


Holiday eSIM Go International – Best value Egypt eSIM


For those looking for a highly affordable eSIM that gives you blazing 5G speed in Egypt, look no further than the dtac Go Inter Egypt eSIM! Supported in 53 countries, you can be assured of great travel Internet at your destination. This eSIM is highly recommended for travelers who have itineraries that align with destinations supported by the plan. For more details on the supported destinations, check the product details page.

  • Price: $27.72

  • Data: 6GB data

  • Service speed: 5G

  • Network: dtac

  • Service coverage: Works in 53 countries including Egypt. See countries coverage on the product page for more details

  • Plan validity: 15 days

  • Phone number: This eSIM comes with a Thai phone number

Buy Holiday eSIM Egypt Go International


Sim2Fly Global eSIM – Unlimited data in Egypt

Stay connected wherever you travel in Egypt with our reliable eSIM. Enjoy expansive global coverage that ensures you're never disconnected. Featuring unlimited 2G data after you exhaust your data allowance, you'll be able to stay online even after you've used up all your data. Although data speeds may be reduced, this plan will keep you connected until your validity period ends.

Key features

  • Price$37.79

  • Data: 6GB data / Unlimited 2G data

  • Service speed: 5G/4G

  • Network: AIS

  • Service coverage: Works in 120 countries including Egypt. See countries coverage on the product page for more details

  • Credit validity: 15 days

  • Phone number: This eSIM card comes with a Thai phone number.

Buy Global eSIM for Egypt

How to choose the best eSIM for Egypt?

Picking the best eSIM for Egypt comes down to your personal preferences. Do you need a large amount of mobile data and worldwide coverage? The Holiday eSIM Egypt World is your best bet if this is the case as it gives you coverage in over 190 countries and 10GB data. However, this is purely a data eSIM and you will not be getting a phone number to go along with it.

If data speed is your priority, you can go with the Go Inter eSIM Egypt as it gives you coverage at over 53 countries with fast 5G data. This is also the most affordable option.

Lastly, the Global eSIM for Egypt is the perfect fit for you if you need an eSIM that gives you coverage in over 120 countries along with 5G data at many destinations. This plan also offers unlimited 2G data after you’ve hit your data allowance, which means you will stay connected until your plan’s validity expires, regardless of your data usage.

How to install and activate the Egypt eSIM on your phone

Installing and activating your eSIM plan only takes under a minute. For details, refer to our comprehensive guide on setting up an eSIM on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Egypt eSIM

Can I buy eSIM from another country?

Yes, you can buy an Egypt eSIM from our website wherever you are. However, please be aware that you should only activate the plan on the day of your arrival in Egypt. Doing so ensures your plan isn’t activated unnecessarily.

Will my phone work with the Egypt eSIM?

Most modern smartphones come with eSIM support. Please refer to our list of compatible eSIM devices or check with your manufacturer to understand your phone’s compatibility.

Can I buy eSIM in Egypt?

Yes, all you need to do is purchase the plan which most suits your requirements from the above list.

What is the cheapest way to use data in Egypt?

We recommend the Holiday eSIM Go Inter Egypt as an affordable eSIM. Featuring 6GB high-speed 5G data for $27.72, this is the cheapest way to use data in Egypt.

Will iPhone 14 eSIM work in Egypt?

Yes, the iPhone 14 supports eSIM technology and therefore your Holiday eSIM Egypt will work on it flawlessly.

Does eSIM give you a phone number?

Yes, you can either go with the Holiday eSIM Go Inter Egypt or Global eSIM if you want a phone number to go along with your prepaid eSIM plan. Both come with a Thai phone number.

How do I convert my physical SIM to eSIM?

Although this is possible, there are certain caveats associated with the process. Check our guide to converting SIM into eSIM for more information on this topic.

Do you need a physical SIM card with eSIM?

No, an eSIM can be your only SIM and you don’t need a physical SIM to use your eSIM. An eSIM is a completely virtual product. However, for activation purposes, you need to have your phone connected to the Internet, therefore you should have Wi-Fi connectivity at hand if you do not have a physical SIM card to let you connect to the Internet.