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27 Oct Why is it better to ditch your SIM card and use an eSIM during your holiday
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So you’ve got your bags packed, bookings confirmed, and itineraries double-checked. You’re all set for the exciting getaway which has seen weeks of planning. Just one question remains though – how are..
18 Oct What is an eSIM? How do you activate an eSIM bundle
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You’ve probably heard about eSIM technology revolutionizing mobile connectivity but have you wondered what exactly it was and what you could do with one? Embedded SIM (eSIM) is a kind of virtual SIM c..
14 Oct Here’s how to stay safe with a travel eSIM and avoid getting hacked on free Wi-Fi
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Don’t ask for the password just yet!Did you know that every time you connect your phone to W-iFi outside your home or work, you may be risking all your data? Grab an eSIM bundle and forget about conne..
11 Oct Stop worrying about roaming mobile data limits and grab an eSIM bundle
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Read on to discover how you can effectively manage your mobile data use while travelingWhile you can access high-speed Internet in Europe in minutes with our eSIM plans, you should also know how much ..
07 Oct iPhone 14 works only on eSIM - Discover the best eSIM plans for your phone
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As the world increasingly moves towards digital connectivity, reliance on physical SIM cards is becoming increasingly archaic. The new iPhone 14 is one of the first major phones to rely solely on eSIM..
28 Sep Get high-speed mobile data on your next trip to Europe with Travel eSIM. Check here to find out if your phone is compatible
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If your smartphone is not eSIM supported, you’re missing out on an amazing experience especially if you’re a traveler or a digital nomad. Find out all about eSIM-enabled devices here and check out the..
23 Sep Here are the two best Travel eSIM for the Europe Holiday!
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You won’t believe how easy it is to stay connected with high-speed mobile data with great coverage while you’re in Europe! eSIMs have truly changed the game for travelers looking for instant connectiv..
15 Sep Save big on prepaid data in Europe with Holiday Orange eSIM
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While traveling in Europe, it is important to have a mobile data plan that will allow you to stay connected without breaking your bank. It would be ideal to consider how much data you will need and wh..
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