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Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days

Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
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Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days

Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days

Get 6GB High-speed 5G Data

Strong and reliable network coverage across Asia

Includes Thai number

Instant installation

Valid for 8 days

Truly unlimited plan (reduced speed after data cap)

Experience the power of lightning-fast 5G mobile Internet all over the world with the new Sim2fly International eSIM. Made with travelers’ convenience in mind, the Asia eSIM will accompany you on your adventures across Asia and give you unmatched connectivity literally anywhere you are.

Keeping the convenience of travelers at the core of our offering, the Sim2fly Asia eSIM will guarantee you a seamless mobile data experience that will not have you shelling out anything with regard to roaming charges as will get a clear signal even in supposedly remote parts of Asia.

Whether you're a hardcore backpacker who goes with the flow or has the perfect itinerary planned out, you can get the best Asia eSIM here and experience the difference yourself.

With just seconds needed to set up, the Sim2fly Asia eSIM will take care of all your data needs during your trip as well as never leave you unconnected even after you’ve went over your data cap. After surpassing your allocated data, the eSIM plan’s speed reduces and you would be able to use it as long as your plan is valid. This ensures you would never be in a spot where you are truly disconnected.

Why use the Asia eSIM?

Keep business and personal phone numbers separate

Use a local data plan for your travels outside your country

Split your voice and data plans for efficiency

Retain your eSIM for multiple trips to multiple countries

How to set up your Sim2fly Asia eSIM

Your eSIM, unlike your traditional SIM, is built into your phone and there is no need for you to physically open up the phone and remove it. To activate your Asia eSIM plan, you only need to scan the QR code which will be delivered to your email once your purchase has been made.

Go to Settings

Select 'Add cellular plan'

Choose to use the camera when prompted

Use the camera to scan the QR code

If you're asked to enter details manually, input the confirmation code given to activate the eSIM. Remember to activate your eSIM only in a supported country.

USSD codes for getting your eSIM plan details

To check your validity, dial *121#

To check your data allowance, dial *111*6#

To check your phone number, *545#

Supported devices

Compatible with all newer phones, you also need to have your device unlocked for this Asia eSIM to work. For a detailed list of compatible devices, please check here.

Countries coverage

Countries offering 5G support with the Sim2fly eSIM for Asia are highlighted below.

Australia 5G, Bahrain 5G, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China 5G, Georgia, Guam, Hong Kong 5G, India, Indonesia 5G, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait 5G, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman 5G, Pakistan, Philippines 5G, Qatar 5G , Singapore 5G, South Korea 5G, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tibet ༃, Uzbekistan, Vietnam 5G, Thailand  5G

Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days
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Easy to Setup
Once you buy our sim, it is really easy to setup and use with our instructions
Immediate Activation
As soon you as you scan the QR code, your eSIM gets activated
Stay Connected Everywhere
Keeping you connected everywhere you go is our motto

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How to Activate Holiday eSIM

Check Email for QR Code

Check your email

After purchasing your eSIM you will receive an email with a QR code and your plan details
Scan QR Code

Scan the QR Code

Scan the QR code sent to your email to install the eSIM
Plan Activated

Plan Activated

Your eSIM is now active. Consider renaming the connection to help you identify your phone lines better