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Do Away with Telco Roaming Packages- Use Orange esim

  • Review Add on: 13/05/2024
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Performance: Good coverage in the UK and EU. BUT need to restart phone on each new country. Data speed: 5G in cities only. Outside are 4G. Hotspot sharing is OK. Call quality: Good. To receive SMS, provide the esim French number. International calls to outside the UK/EU are a NO-GO. Received SMS that I must register my identity to make international calls. Set-up for pixel 7 pro users:
A. Before trip: A1. Go to settings>> Network and Internet>>SIMs>> Add esim manually by scanning. DO NOT activate the esim.
B. On landing: B1.Toggle orange e-SIM to ON >> Toggle Mobile Data, Roaming to ON. B2. Restart phone. Use the 4-digit pin in the esim email attachment on your phone unlock pin entry screen. DO NOT use your usual phone unlock pin. After that, use your usual phone unlock pin when prompted. B4. Toggle your home telco SIM to OFF to stop roaming charges.

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