Lithuania, nestled in northeastern Europe, is a captivating destination that combines a rich historical legacy with breathtaking natural beauty. Despite its modest size, Lithuania boasts a proud cultural heritage and a strong sense of identity. If you’ve packed your bags for this Baltic gem, make sure you grab a prepaid Holiday eSIM Lithuania to get the best possible connectivity at the lowest rates possible.

If you’re just looking for the best prepaid eSIM for Lithuania, grab the Holiday eSIM 50GB Lithuania prepaid plan for just $50.40 and get incredible bonuses including,

  • 50GB data

  • High-speed 5G connectivity 

  • Free French phone number

  • Unlimited calls & SMS

  • Free international voice credit

  • Installation in minutes

Get eSIM Lithuania 50GB

If you want to explore the other Lithuania eSIMs we have, read on. With Holiday eSIM, you can get an unbelievably feature-packed eSIM data plan that fits your needs perfectly.

But first, let’s briefly look at why you need an eSIM for Lithuania.

Why get a Holiday eSIM Lithuania prepaid plan?

It should come across as a surprise in this post that Lithuania boasts some of the world’s fastest Wi-Fi speeds, ranking fourth in the EU and ninth globally. However, the country has faced massive cyber attacks in the past and this underscores the need for secure network connectivity regardless of where you are.

Furthermore, it is considered much safer to never connect to Wi-Fi you do not completely trust

So, the safest option therefore. is having an eSIM that perfectly fits your use case and is also well within your budget.

Holiday eSIM prepaid plans will let you have a safe and secure connectivity experience wherever you are. Your data remains encrypted and secure and you are just paying a fraction of the cost you would normally pay if you are on a roaming plan.

Plus, having the backing of some of Europe’s biggest telecom networks ensures you will receive a world-class connectivity experience on our network.

Superior connectivity in Lithuania

We have been consistently recognized as the top eSIM for Europe by leading tech news outlets, underscoring our dedication to providing travellers in Europe with exceptional network connectivity.

No long-term commitments: With a Holiday eSIM prepaid plan, there's no need for any binding usage agreement. Once your plan's validity expires, you simply purchase another.

Unlimited calls & SMS + free phone number: Our plans exclusive to Europe include a free French phone number that you can use to make unlimited calls within Europe and to international destinations.

Wi-Fi Hotspot & tethering enabled: We are committed to giving you full control over your data. Unlike many of our competitors, Holiday eSIM allows you to share your data as you wish, either through a hotspot or USB tethering.

Superior customer support: We provide first-class support for any issues you might encounter with your Lithuania eSIM.

What are the best eSIM plans for Lithuania?

Holiday eSIM Lithuania 50 GB

  • £40.00

  • 50GB 5G Data

  • 28-day validity

  • Free French phone number

  • Unlimited calls and SMS in Europe

  • 120 minutes international voice credit

  • 1000 free international SMS

Buy Lithuania 50GB eSIM Online

Holiday eSIM Lithuania 30 GB

  • £33.00

  • 30GB 4G Data

  • 14-day validity

  • Free French phone number

  • Unlimited calls and SMS in Europe

  • 120 minutes international voice credit

  • 1000 free international SMS

Buy Lithuania 30GB eSIM Online

Holiday eSIM Lithuania 12 GB

  • £17.00

  • 12GB 4G Data

  • 14-day validity

  • Free French phone number

  • Unlimited calls and SMS in Europe

  • 30 minutes international voice credit

  • 200 free international SMS

Buy Lithuania 12GB eSIM Online

Holiday eSIM 6GB Global eSIM Lithuania

  • £29.99

  • 6GB 4G Data

  • 15-day validity

  • Free Thai number

  • Unlimited 2G data

Buy Lithuania 6GB eSIM Online

Holiday eSIM 10GB World eSIM Lithuania

  • £35.00

  • 10GB 4G Data

  • 14-day validity

  • Pure data eSIM

Buy Lithuania 10GB eSIM Online

Installing and Activating Your Lithuania eSIM

Setting up your Lithuania eSIM is simple and fast. For detailed instructions, please refer to our step-by-step guide on how to configure an eSIM on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday eSIM Lithuania

Can I purchase a Lithuania eSIM from outside the country? 

Yes, you can conveniently buy a Lithuania eSIM via our website from anywhere in the world. Just ensure to activate it on the day you arrive in Lithuania to avoid premature activation.

Is my smartphone compatible with the Lithuania eSIM? 

Most recent smartphones are designed to support eSIM technology. Check our list of eSIM-compatible devices or contact your phone’s manufacturer to confirm compatibility.

Is it possible to get an eSIM after arriving in Lithuania? 

Absolutely, you can select the plan that best fits your needs from the options we provide.

Will the eSIM work with my iPhone 14 in Lithuania? 

Indeed, the iPhone 14 is engineered to support eSIM technology, which means it will work seamlessly with your Holiday eSIM Lithuania.

Do I need a physical SIM card if I have an eSIM? 

No, an eSIM can completely replace a physical SIM card as it is entirely digital. However, you will need an internet connection to activate it, so ensure you have access to Wi-Fi if you don’t have a physical SIM card for the initial setup.

Experience the ultimate convenience and affordability with Holiday eSIM in Lithuania. Stay connected with blazing-fast 5G data, unlimited calls, and a secure network, all without the hassle of traditional SIM cards. Whether you're exploring historical sites or enjoying the natural beauty of Lithuania, Holiday eSIM ensures you're always connected without breaking the bank. Activate your eSIM today and elevate your travel experience