Kenya is an enticing travel destination in Africa, boasting stunning landscapes, rich wildlife, and vibrant culture. Yet, navigating through the hassle of international roaming fees can be a daunting prospect when you’re looking to stay connected on the go.

Fear not, for the Holiday eSIM Kenya is your ticket to seamless connectivity across this picturesque nation and an impressive 190+ global destinations.

Bid farewell to exorbitant roaming charges and embrace the convenience of high-speed mobile data with this eSIM, offering reliable 4G connectivity throughout your entire Kenyan adventure.

The standout feature? 10GB of high-speed data priced at $44.10, valid for a two-week span, ensuring you stay connected longer without breaking the bank. While this plan is not particularly data heavy, it more than makes up for it through user experience. This is a plan that’s meant for travellers who need high-speed and stable mobile connectivity throughout their African adventure. However, it is important to note that this eSIM does not come with a phone number and is instead a pure data eSIM.

If a phone number is crucial for you, there is the slightly lower priced Global eSIM Kenya at your disposal. This 5G eSIM also features unlimited data so that you won’t ever find yourself in a spot where you’re totally cut off from the world.

You might be wondering why a 5G eSIM with a phone number is cheaper than a 4G one without a phone number. The difference is that the 4G World eSIM offers support for more countries and also assures better network connectivity as a result of it being powered by one of Europe’s biggest networks, leading to overall higher-performance. Additionally, the Global eSIM does not currently offer 5G data speeds in Kenya.

But this does not mean that the Global eSIM Kenya is lacking in any way though. It is simply geared towards travellers who want the peace of mind of an unlimited plan, even if the speed is reduced after hitting the threshold.

Does Kenya support eSIM?

Absolutely! The Holiday eSIM for Kenya offers coverage in up to 32 African countries, making it an optimal choice for adventurers embarking on a pan-African journey. Say goodbye to the hassle of acquiring local plans at every stop – this eSIM ensures continuous connectivity as you cross borders.

The African countries supported by eSIM Kenya include;

  • Algeria

  • Benin

  • Botswana

  • Burkina Faso

  • Cameroon

  • Chad

  • Congo (Democratic Republic Of)

  • Congo Republic

  • Egypt

  • Gabon

  • Ghana

  • Guinea Bissau

  • Guinea Conakry

  • Ivory Coast

  • Kenya

  • Liberia

  • Madagascar Republic

  • Malawi

  • Mali

  • Mauritius

  • Morocco

  • Mozambique

  • Niger

  • Nigeria

  • Reunion

  • Senegal

  • Seychelles

  • Sierra Leone

  • South Africa

  • Swaziland

  • Tanzania

  • Tunisia

  • Uganda

What to look for in a Kenya eSIM?

When evaluating an eSIM plan for Kenya, factors such as ease of setup, data allowance, validity, and pricing should top your list. These elements ensure that your chosen plan caters to all your connectivity needs at reasonable rates, avoiding the pitfalls of hefty roaming charges.

While sticking to your carrier’s international roaming plan is an option, beware of potential high costs and sluggish speeds in the 3G/2G range. Opting for a local connection, like the Holiday eSIM for Kenya, safeguards your wallet and sanity.

Why should you choose the Holiday eSIM for Kenya?


Effortless Installation: No extra app installations required – simply scan a QR code and get connected within minutes. Forget about bureaucratic hassles; your registered email is all that’s needed, ensuring privacy and convenience, a stark contrast to the cumbersome processes you might face while trying to secure a local connection on holiday.

Global Coverage: With a footprint in 190+ countries, including 32 in Africa, this eSIM offers flexibility for seamless border-crossing. Premium connectivity remains consistent, whether you’re basking on Diani Beach or exploring the wonders of Kenya’s national parks.

Network Quality: Powered by Orange, one of Europe’s major providers, expect robust coverage at all supported destinations. From the Maasai Mara to the vibrant streets of Nairobi, experience reliable data speeds wherever your Kenyan adventure takes you.

Safe and Secure: Rely solely on your Holiday eSIM for connectivity needs, eliminating the risk of compromising data on local Wi-Fi networks. Find out more about how eSIMs enhance your safety while abroad.

Experience connectivity without restrictions

Experience unparalleled freedom with Holiday eSIM Kenya plans when it comes to using your data your way. With this prepaid eSIM plan, you have the freedom to enable tethering and set up Wi-Fi hotspots and seamlessly share your data with your devices and travel companions.

This standout feature proves invaluable for individuals who need to stay connected across multiple devices, be it your laptop, tablet, or the devices of your fellow travelers.


The best eSIM Kenya for 2024



Data Allowance

Plan Validity


Cost per GB


World eSIM


14 days




Global eSIM


15 days




For seamless connectivity throughout your African adventures, the World eSIM is your go-to choice. This dynamic eSIM grants you access to data services across numerous countries on the continent, spanning different zones.

While you can utilize apps for making calls, please note that this eSIM doesn't provide a designated phone number. The available data allowance varies based on the specific zone you find yourself in, so it's advisable to review the list of supported African countries below before embarking on your travels. Stay effortlessly connected, even in the most remote African destinations, with the Africa Explorer eSIM.

  • Price: $44.10

  • Brand: Orange

  • Speed: 4G

  • Type: Data only

  • Data allowance: 15GB

  • Validity: 14 days

Buy Holiday World eSIM online

Ideal for globetrotters exploring diverse corners of the world, the Global eSIM is a perfect companion. With support in a whopping 144 countries, this eSIM ensures seamless connectivity wherever your travels take you.

Enjoy lightning-fast 5G speeds at major destinations, providing you with a high-speed connection for your online needs. For a comprehensive overview of the countries covered, refer to the detailed coverage section.

  • Price: $37.79

  • Brand: AIS

  • Speed: 5G

  • Data allowance: 6GB

  • Validity: 15 days

  • Unlimited 2G data after hitting threshold

  • Thai phone number

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Is your phone eSIM-compatible?

Chances are it is! Most modern smartphones support eSIMs. To confirm your device’s compatibility, consult our list of supported devices or check with your manufacturer.

Why should you explore Kenya?

Affectionately known as the Pride of Africa, Kenya has transcended its historical challenges, emerging as a welcoming destination. Political stability, economic growth, and enhanced security have propelled Kenya to claim the title of the world’s fastest-growing tourism hub.

  • Diverse Wildlife: Traverse lush landscapes to encounter elusive pygmy hippos, playful primates, and an array of wildlife, including chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys, and Diana monkeys in their natural habitat.

  • Gastronomic Delights: Indulge in Kenya’s diverse cuisine, featuring hearty breakfasts, succulent seafood, and exotic dishes like groundnut stew and cassava leaves, reflecting the nation’s cultural diversity.

  • Pristine Beaches: With a coastline stretching over 500 kilometers, Kenya’s beaches, such as Diani Beach and Watamu Beach, offer dazzling white sands and crystal-clear waters for a perfect seaside retreat.

eSIM Kenya FAQs

  • How to use eSIM in Kenya? Setting up your eSIM for Kenya is a breeze with a simple QR code. Refer to our detailed guide for step-by-step instructions on installing the Kenyan eSIM on your device.

  • Can I make calls or send SMS on this eSIM? The Holiday eSIM for Kenya is a pure data eSIM. Make calls over any app that supports voice calls, consuming only a minuscule amount of data, allowing you to talk for hours.

  • When should I activate my eSIM? Activate your eSIM upon landing in Kenya, but we recommend purchasing the plan in advance to seize any available deals.

  • What other African countries are covered by eSIM for Kenya? This eSIM plan provides coverage in 190 countries globally. Other African nations covered include Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and more.

  • Can I use more than one eSIM or SIM on the same device? Depending on your phone’s capabilities, you may use multiple eSIMs on the same device. For instance, the iPhone 14 supports up to 8 eSIMs.

Embark on your Kenyan adventure with the Holiday eSIM, ensuring you stay connected, share your experiences effortlessly, and capture every moment of this extraordinary journey.