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eSIM Central and South America

eSIM Central and South America

Embark on a mystical and fulfilling journey through vibrant and diverse landscapes with eSIM Central and South America from Holiday eSIM.

With our prepaid eSIM plans, we offer a convenient and innovative way to stay connected to the best regional carriers so you don't have to pay any roaming charges and get blazing-fast mobile data that's also reliable wherever you are in Central and South America.

Moreover, many of our plans give you coverage way beyond the borders of the regions as well. This means you will be able to stay connected in North America as well with one single prepaid plan.

Affordable plans

With some of the lowest price per GB in the market, you can be assured that you will only pay a fraction of what you would normally pay if you were to use your carrier's international roaming charges. We also offer extremely competitive rates that are way below the average rates from other eSIM providers.

Robust coverage

Whether you are trekking through the lush Amazon rainforests or basking in the beaches of Brazil, you will get to experience the same level of connectivity. Our partnerships with leading regional networks enable us to give you this stellar connectivity that never becomes sluggish.

Easy installation and activation

Holiday eSIM prepaid plans only require you to scan a QR code to set up your connection. You don't need to download any third-party apps or go through any customer verification to get started with us. This will save you time and energy and enable you to focus on your vacation instead. No more language barriers or trips to local stores to distract you. Choose the plan which best fits your needs and connect instantly.

Discover the freedom of travelling without boundaries and experience the beauty of Central and South America with the ease and convenience of eSIM Central and South America. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of your journey with Holiday eSIM. 

Grab the newest Orange Travel Data Sim Card and remain connected worldwide with reliable and high-speed 4G Data. Never worry about poor Internet anywhere in the world!FeaturesPure Data SIM Card (No outgoing or incoming calls/SMS)Compatible with all unlocked devices, tablets, and pocket WiFiTethering..
9336 Sold
-48 %
BEST INTERNATIONAL DATA eSIMGet the brand new Orange Holiday World eSIM and remain connected internationally with reliable and high-speed data. Supported in over 190 countries, this prepaid plan will get you connected to 4G Internet literally anywhere in the world. Install and activate your world eS..
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£35.00 £67.00
Sim2fly Global eSIM - 6GB, 15-Day Validity
New -55 %
Brand: AIS Telecom Model: Sim2fly International eSIM
Say Hello to Unparalleled Freedom: Sim2fly Global eSIM 6GB PlanYour thirst for globe-trotting adventures calls for a unique travel companion: Sim2fly Global eSIM 6GB Plan. Crafted to set you free, this game-changer ensures the whole world stays in your pocket, literally and digitally! Want to know w..
3139 Sold
£29.99 £67.00
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