iPhone 15 eSIM phones to ship outside of the US

Apple made the exciting announcement recently that it will ship the upcoming iPhone 15 eSIM phone to countries other than the US. Although France has been reported to be one of the countries where the SIM-card-less iPhone 15 would be sold, customers across Europe may be able to buy the phone considering how usually Apple sells one model in most of Europe.

This is great news for global mobile connectivity, as more people all over the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of Holiday eSIMs while using an Apple device, giving more control to the end user.

When the eSIM-exclusive iPhone 14 was introduced last year, more people started to see how a phone with a virtual SIM card was more intuitive to use and made more sense than a phone that needed a separate piece of plastic to work. This enables buyers to get connected easily while not taking the extra effort to swap SIM cards.

Apple had been advocating the use of eSIMs for several years before the iPhone 14's release. The first instance of this technology was found in the iPhone XS, and since then, every new iPhone model has been equipped with it. 

Additionally, eSIMs have been a major feature of the cellular versions of the iPad and the Apple Watch for an even longer period. The adoption of eSIMs has allowed for more streamlined device designs and greater flexibility in terms of carrier switching.

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM is a virtual SIM card built into your phone that allows for wireless connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card. To use an eSIM, all you have to do is to scan a QR code as opposed to traditionally physically opening the SIM tray and inserting the SIM card. 

This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying multiple SIM cards around and manage your phone numbers better by having multiple eSIM profiles. The iPhone 14 enables users to use up to eight different eSIMs on one phone. 

Holiday eSIMs are supported by all eSIM-compatible Apple devices and offer high-speed connectivity without expensive roaming charges in over 190 countries.

Why is Apple going eSIM-exclusive?

The traditional SIM card has been so far the only way for smartphones to connect to mobile networks for a long time now. One potential impact of this move is that other smartphone manufacturers may follow suit and also adopt eSIM technology. This could lead to a significant reduction in the demand for physical SIM cards.

Another impact could be the increased convenience for consumers. With eSIM technology, users can easily switch between carriers without having to physically switch out their SIM cards. 

Additionally, it could make it easier for people to use multiple phone numbers on the same device, which could be beneficial for people who travel frequently or have separate work and personal phone numbers.

Moreover, back when it was revealed that the iPhone 14 was going to be eSIM-exclusive, a lot of debate was sparked over how pushing a newer technology onto users could turn out to be a bad thing. However, the eSIM industry has experienced steady growth over the past six months, with an increasing number of devices adopting this technology. 

A recent study by Juniper Research suggests that the global eSIM market is set to experience significant growth in the coming years, largely driven by innovation in the smartphone sector. The market, currently valued at $4.7 billion, is predicted to increase to $16.3 billion by 2027. This growth is largely attributed to Apple's introduction of eSIM technology in their smartphones, which has disrupted the market and driven demand for eSIM-enabled devices.

The eSIM market is expected to see growth across various sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, energy, and utilities, among others. This growth is due in part to the ability of eSIM devices to offer greater connectivity and efficiency, leading to increased adoption in various industries. With the increasing demand for connected devices and IoT applications, eSIM technology is expected to play a crucial role in enabling secure and reliable connectivity across various platforms.

However, while some may argue that it would be possible to swap SIM cards easily with a little bit of experience and the right tools, it doesn’t compare to the ease of using eSIMs. For example, you can set up the Holiday eSIM in seconds by just scanning a QR code!

In summary, eSIMs are superior to traditional SIM cards and it looks highly likely that it will become the standard in the future.

How 5G complements eSIM technology

The purpose of 5G is to facilitate connectivity for a vast number of devices. 5G delivers faster Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps and strong reliability. Therefore, we have seen the growth of 5G-enabled eSIM devices on the market, particularly in the consumer and IoT sectors.

The combination of 5G and eSIM give the end users enhanced privacy as well. 5G technology incorporates a range of advanced security features to ensure the privacy and security of user data. For instance, it uses strong encryption protocols to protect data as it is transmitted over the network. Additionally, 5G includes robust authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of devices and users. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Furthermore, 5G technology offers network slicing, which allows for the creation of isolated virtual networks with customized security policies. This ensures that data is kept secure and private, even when shared among multiple devices and users. With these and other security features, 5G technology offers a high level of protection for eSIM devices and other connected devices.

The best eSIMs that work on iPhones

Sim2fly Global eSIM

  • Global eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 15 days

  • Get 6GB High-speed 5G Data

  • Strong and reliable network coverage in 120 countries

  • Includes Thai number

  • Instant installation

  • Valid for 15 days

  • Truly unlimited plan (reduced speed after data cap)


Sim2fly International eSIM Asia  

  • Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days  

  • Get 6GB High-speed 5G Data  

  • Strong and reliable network coverage across Asia  

  • Includes Thai number  

  • Instant installation  

  • Valid for 8 days  

  • Truly unlimited plan (reduced speed after data cap) 

Holiday eSIM for Europe

  • 20GB 4G data  

  • 120 minutes of international voice calling credit  

  • 1,000 international SMS  

  • Unlimited voice calls in Europe  

  • Unlimited SMS in Europe  

  • French phone number 

Holiday Zen eSIM for Europe 

  • 8GB 4G data  

  • 30 minutes of international voice calling credit  

  • 200 international SMS  

  • Unlimited voice calls in Europe  

  • Unlimited SMS in Europe  

  • French phone number  

One of the main advantages of eSIM technology is that it effeciently solves global connectivity issues. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which are linked to a single operator and require a physical exchange to switch providers, eSIMs enable consumers to store multiple profiles and easily switch between them. This allows users to seamlessly connect to different networks and operators while traveling internationally or in areas with poor coverage from their primary carrier.

In addition to providing increased flexibility and convenience for users, eSIM technology also has the potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By eliminating the need for physical SIM card distribution and replacement, eSIMs can streamline the process of managing and activating new connections, enhancing the overall user experience.