Jordan effortlessly blends ancient history with modern wonders, making it a must-visit destination for seasoned globetrotters. However, ensuring seamless connectivity in this enchanting Middle Eastern gem can be a challenge for inspired travelers.

If you're looking for a premium and comprehensive solution for all your mobile data needs without compromising on connectivity, then Holiday eSIM Jordan is the answer.

With a prepaid eSIM, you can bid farewell to the worries of incurring exorbitant roaming charges, suffering from poor network speeds, or being tied to lengthy contracts from traditional providers. Instead, you gain access to a simple and transparent plan where you only pay for the data you use, and nothing more. Moreover, you can enjoy worldwide coverage and cross borders with ease, knowing that you won't face disconnection from the digital world.

Why Get an eSIM for Jordan?

While Jordan's infrastructure and the number of Wi-Fi hotspots are on the rise, relying solely on public networks may not provide the reliable connectivity you need to navigate the rugged beauty of the country. Getting an eSIM for Jordan means empowering yourself with a seamless online experience.

Most modern cellphones support eSIMs, marking a significant improvement for consumers. In the past, users had to manage their phones and physical SIM cards separately, an inconvenient approach in today's user-friendly world. Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIMs eliminate the need for a physical card, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of Jordan while staying effortlessly connected.

Additionally, eSIMs offer the advantage of customizable plans that fit your needs perfectly, offering affordable data rates per GB.

Why Choose Holiday eSIM while Travelling to Jordan?

Selecting the right eSIM provider for your journey through Jordan is crucial for a seamless travel experience. To make the most of your trip, you need an eSIM plan that offers hassle-free connectivity without breaking the bank.

At Holiday eSIM, we are committed to simplifying the connectivity experience for travelers. From our easy installation process that skips the need for third-party apps to our worldwide coverage, we go to great lengths to ensure you have a world-class experience when you choose us.

This is complemented by our partnership with leading Jordanian telecommunication providers, ensuring robust connectivity and signal strength wherever you go in this rich and enchanting country.

The best eSIM Jordan in 2023

Holiday World eSIM for Jordan

This eSIM is recommended for die-hard globetrotters who may have itineraries spread out over continents. With support at over 190 countries, this is your one-stop solution to all your mobile data needs when you’re travelling.

Key features

  • Price: $44.10

  • Data: 10GB 4G data

  • Service speed: 4G/LTE

  • Network: Orange

  • Service coverage: Works in 190 countries including Jordan. See countries coverage on the product page for more details

  • Tethering/Wi-Fi hotspot: Allowed

  • Credit validity: 14 days

  • Phone number: This eSIM does not include a phone number

Buy Orange Holiday World eSIM for Egypt


Sim2Fly Global eSIM – Limitless data

Not only does this plan come with extensive worldwide coverage, it also guarantees you’re connected even after running out of data. With an incredible 15-day plan validity, this plan will keep you going for longer.

Key features

  • Price: $37.79

  • Data: 6GB data / Unlimited 2G data

  • Service speed: 5G/4G

  • Network: AIS

  • Service coverage: Works in 120 countries including Jordan. See countries coverage on the product page for more details

  • Credit validity: 15 days

  • Phone number: This eSIM card comes with a Thai phone number.

Buy Global eSIM for Jordan

Sim2Fly International eSIM Asia – Perfect for pan-Asian Adventures

A tailor-made option for travellers who got Asian destinations on their mind. Features all the benefits of the global eSIM with a shorter validity at nearly half the price.

Key features

  • Price: $18.89

  • Data: 6GB data / Unlimited 2G data

  • Service speed: 5G/4G

  • Network: AIS

  • Service coverage: Works in 120 countries including Jordan. See countries coverage on the product page for more details

  • Credit validity: 8 days

  • Phone number: This eSIM card comes with a Thai phone number.

Buy Jordan International eSIM Asia

How to Set Up Your Holiday eSIM for Jordan?

Setting up an eSIM for Jordan is a breeze and takes just a minute. Simply scan the QR code sent to your inbox after your purchase, and you'll be connected instantly. Check our guide for detailed device-specific instructions on setting up your eSIM.

Why Visit Jordan?

When it comes to hidden gems of the Middle East, Jordan often tops the list. This captivating country, steeped in history and natural beauty, offers travelers a unique blend of awe-inspiring and soul-enriching experiences.

Ancient Wonders

Jordan is a living testament to the cradle of civilization. Its historical sites are remarkable, with Petra as the crown jewel. Known as the "Rose City" for its stunning pink sandstone cliffs, Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a wonder to behold. Other archaeological treasures in Jordan include the Roman city of Jerash, the desert citadel of Qasr Amra, and the crusader-era Kerak Castle.

Natural Marvels

Beyond its historical wonders, Jordan boasts a diverse and stunning natural landscape. The surreal desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, with towering sandstone formations and endless sand dunes, make you feel like you've stepped onto another planet. Floating effortlessly in the hypersaline waters of the Dead Sea, while applying mineral-rich mud, is a therapeutic experience like no other.

Warm Hospitality

Jordanians are renowned for their warmth and hospitality. Locals take pride in making visitors feel at home, often inviting them for tea or a meal with a Jordanian family, providing a glimpse into their rich culture and traditions.

Culinary Delights

Jordanian cuisine is a treat for the senses. Don't miss trying dishes like mansaf, a traditional Jordanian lamb dish, or falafel and shawarma from street vendors. For a sweet finish, savor delights like baklava or knafeh, a delicious pastry soaked in sugar syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM Jordan

How to Buy an eSIM in Jordan?

You can purchase an eSIM in Jordan at After selecting a plan that suits your needs, you'll receive a QR code via email, which is used to activate the eSIM on your device.

Is eSIM available in Jordan?

Yes, eSIM technology is available in Jordan. You can buy your eSIM either in Jordan or before your arrival. Be cautious not to activate it before arriving in Jordan to avoid unintended data usage.

How to Activate eSIM in Jordan?

To activate an eSIM, ensure your device is connected to the internet and supports eSIM technology. Go to the network settings on your device and scan the provided QR code using your camera. Follow the on-screen instructions, and once your device connects to the network, your eSIM will be ready to use.