5 reasons eSIMs are essential for digital nomads in Europe

As a digital nomad, you tend to see the world differently as you are not tied to anybody or anyplace, possessing the rare freedom to work from anywhere you want. If the stunning grandeur of Europe appeals to you, all you need is your suitcase, phone, laptop, and a travel eSIM plan!

With countries including Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, and Norway, inviting digital nomads to come and live in their nations, the possibilities of remote work are now endless. 

Since you are always expected to be on the move, you need Internet that transcends borders and infrastructure. You need a solution that follows you and not the other way around. 

From constant updates to real-time collaboration, your connection needs to accommodate your needs without hindering you as all of it directly impacts your career. 

This is where eSIMs can give you the advantage.

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM (embedded SIM) card is a virtual SIM card that replaces the need for a traditional SIM card. It performs all of the functions of a physical SIM card by establishing a secure connection to your network and granting access to your service, allowing you to use your plan.

Because they allow you to switch between different plans, they are especially useful for tourists who want to avoid paying high roaming fees while on vacation. eSIM technology is now supported by nearly all modern smartphones and tablets, and it is expected to eventually replace traditional SIM cards.

The simplicity with which eSIMs enable you to connect to the Internet is what makes them absolutely wonderful. Because there is no need to remove and reinsert anything, all you need to do is scan a QR code after making your purchase.

Become truly nomadic with the Orange Holiday eSIM

Countries are much more than just their major cities. Sometimes the best possible destination for someone who works remotely may not be a major city but somewhere their needs are better accommodated.

However, it may be highly improbable that every country you may visit or pass through would have high-quality telecommunication infrastructure that would give you high-speed Internet all throughout the country. 

Whether you are in the capital or a remote ski village, your experience needs to be the same when it comes to getting high-speed Internet. 

Orange powers our eSIM plans and are one of the few European mobile network providers that cover the entire continent. You will get to enjoy enhanced coverage all over your country as Orange has a major presence in all key European markets.

They have been a consistent innovator in the industry. They were one of the first networks in Europe to provide 3G services and has continued to set the standard with the launch of 4G services in 2013. 

Orange is dedicated to providing its consumers with an excellent mobile experience. 

Europe travel eSIMs help you switch numbers easily

Your life as a digital nomad can come with complex requirements where you would need separation between your personal and professional life or even when you need to manage multiple projects. eSIMs can enable you to store multiple mobile numbers in a single device and switch among them.

You may already have a personal and a work number but in case you do not or you want more, eSIMs can effortlessly help you switch services. There are many advantages to having different dedicated numbers, whether you want to work effectively on multiple projects or just want to keep your personal and professional life separate.

Flexible pay-as-you-go models

eSIMs eliminate the need to pay expensive roaming charges. You only need to pay for what you use and topping up is simple. 

You can add money to your account in just seconds. Moreover, because your credit card information is securely stored on your phone, this is generally more safer and reliable than using a physical top-up card.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of data ever again with an eSIM!

Experience high-speed 24/7 Internet with Orange eSIM

Poor Internet can adversely affect your remote work. Your productivity would suffer as you endlessly wait for websites or apps to load and you will experience frustration as the network signal isn’t something you can control or influence.

It is not only annoying, but it can also severely impact the hours you work by having you spend long periods of time completing tasks that would have taken seconds if you had great Internet. 

With Orange eSIMs, you can experience fast and dependable Internet speeds with little thought. You can now truly bring your exceptional productivity on the road instead of just keeping it at home.

Orange travel eSIMs are extremely affordable

You can save hundreds of dollars when you use eSIMs as it lets you bypass roaming charges and gives you incredible benefits like unlimited calls and texts inside Europe along with a set number of international calling minutes and texts.

This can give you a comprehensive solution for all your connectivity needs wherever you are engaged in remote work while in Europe.

Get the ORANGE ESIM EUROPE with 20GB 4G data, 120 minutes of calling credit, and 1,000 international SMS.

Get the ORANGE HOLIDAY ZEN ESIM with 8GB of 4G data, 30 minutes of phone credit, and 200 international SMS.

Orange holiday eSIM countries coverage

Refer to the list below to see if your destination is supported by our plans.

Andorra, Azores, Aland islands, Austria, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Belgium, Cyprus, Crete, Corfu, The Cyclades, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France mainland, Gibraltar, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Isle of Man, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Rhodes, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican City.

Does my device support the Orange holiday eSIM?

For an updated list of devices that are eSIM-compatible, please refer to our guide here.

Telecommunications are fast adapting to the fact that many forms of work is now more of a process than anything that needs to be carried out at only a particular location. In this scenario, perhaps mobile networks play a crucial role. eSIMs are the next logical step here and we can expect to see growth in the digital nomad culture in the coming years.