A scene that’s common in most horror and thriller flicks is one where someone’s phone goes out of service or can’t find a signal. This then becomes a serious plot device that advances the story.

While this scenario could be easily averted if they just had a Holiday eSIM prepaid plan that offers rock-solid coverage in over 190 countries, it would only make for a very short movie.

However, the idea of being cut off from the world because of poor network coverage is very real and the chances of you running into emergencies are high, especially if you are the kind of traveller who likes to explore strange and exotic lands.

That’s why we compiled a list of must-have apps that are literal lifesavers in this post. Just remember to grab these next time you’re off on a pulse-pounding adventure and get that extra peace of mind.

Emergency by American Red Cross

Counted among the premier emergency apps for both Android and iPhone, this application delivers vital first-aid alerts to its users. Developed by the American Red Cross, it serves as a comprehensive resource offering various first aid and emergency alerts. Particularly useful in scenarios where reaching a hospital is challenging, the app equips users with fundamental treatment measures to mitigate their condition until professional medical assistance can be obtained.

Notably, the app seamlessly integrates with a suite of every day and disaster-focused apps. From the First Aid and Pet Aid apps to the Emergency, Hurricane, Earthquake, and Tornado apps, it stands as an all-encompassing solution for diverse emergencies. An additional emergency section covers crucial information on disease prevention and control, spanning allergies, bleeding, heart attacks, diabetes, and more.


Guided first aid instructions

Offers detailed guidance for various first aid crises, including household accidents, through step-by-step instructions.

Expert guidance

Delivers expert advice in the form of videos and interactive quizzes, enhancing user understanding and preparedness.

Customizable weather alerts

Allows users to tailor 40 different weather alerts according to their preferences, receiving instant notifications for personalized weather updates.

Interactive map for emergencies

In emergencies, the app features an interactive map guiding users to the nearest Red Cross emergency shelter.


Designed to be inclusive, the app is accessible to individuals with disabilities through voice control, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.