If you’ve experienced the magic of our Europe eSIMs before, you know that our prepaid plans offer unbeatable value and convenience for all your connectivity needs throughout Europe. 

But now, our Europe eSIM has gotten a massive upgrade to give you a jaw-dropping data limit and more! For a limited time, the Holiday eSIM 50GB now offers 100GB, keeping in mind the evolving connectivity needs of the modern traveller.

This eSIM is your ultimate companion for your European adventure, giving you a comprehensive mobile data plan that gives you nearly unlimited freedom and flexibility during your holidays.

In this blog, we’ll look at what makes Holiday eSIM Europe the undisputed leader in prepaid mobile data in Europe and give you a list of rundown of our best Europe eSIMs so you can make an informed choice.

Prepaid Plan



Europe Calls & SMS

International Minutes

International SMS


eSIM Europe 100GB

28 days



120 minutes



eSIM Europe 30GB

14 days



120 minutes



eSIM Europe 12GB

14 days



30 minutes



Best eSIM Europe prepaid data plan in 2024

  • 100GB 5G Data

  • 28-day validity

  • Free French phone number

  • Unlimited calls and SMS in Europe

  • 120 minutes international voice credit

  • 1,000 free international SMS

Buy Europe eSIM 100GB Online

Why get Holiday eSIM Europe in 2024?

  • Double the Data, Double the Fun: Our flagship Holiday eSIM Europe plan now boasts a whopping 100GB of data, ensuring you never run out of juice for streaming, navigation, and sharing your European adventures.

  • Free French Phone Number: Stay connected with friends, family, and even local businesses with a complimentary French phone number. This allows them to reach you easily without incurring international call charges.

  • Rock-Solid Connectivity: We understand the frustration of dropped calls and slow internet. That's why we leverage reliable networks across Europe, guaranteeing stable connectivity wherever you roam. Holiday eSIM Europe is backed by Orange, one of Europe's leading mobile network operators. This means you can expect reliable connections and widespread coverage across the continent, no matter your destination

  • Blazing 5G Speeds: Experience Europe at its fastest with our 5G eSIM. Download movies in seconds, share high-resolution photos instantly, and navigate unfamiliar cities with ease.

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts Within Europe: Chat with your travel buddies and make local calls without a worry. Our plan includes unlimited calls and texts within Europe, keeping you connected throughout your trip. Imagine exploring a charming Parisian cafe and needing to make a quick reservation for dinner. Or, perhaps you're lost in the labyrinthine streets of Venice and need to call your travel companions for help. With Holiday eSIM Europe's unlimited calls and texts within Europe, you can ditch the stress of expensive roaming charges and hidden fees. Although you can make calls over apps like WhatsApp or Messenger, there will be situations where you would need an actual phone number for your communication. That’s why our Europe eSIM is the perfect way to ensure a smooth and worry-free European adventure

  • Comprehensive Coverage: When we say our eSIM Europe offers complete coverage in Europe, we mean it! From Liechtenstein to Åland Islands, you don’t have to think twice about whether you’ll get good connectivity where you’re going.

Security on the Move: Holiday eSIM Europe is Your Safest Bet!

Staying connected while traveling is essential, but security should always be a top priority. Public Wi-Fi networks, while convenient, can be breeding grounds for hackers and identity theft. Here's why Holiday eSIM Europe offers a secure alternative:

  • Enhanced Security: Unlike traditional SIM cards, which can be physically lost or stolen, eSIMs are securely embedded within your smartphone. This eliminates the risk of losing your connection or sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

  • Peace of Mind on Public Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi hotspots are notorious for being unsecured. Hackers can easily steal your personal information or infect your devices with malware. With Holiday eSIM Europe, you can browse the web, access your bank accounts, and use social media with confidence, knowing your data is secure on our private cellular network.

  • Total Control Over Your Connection: With a physical SIM card, anyone with access to your phone can potentially connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. eSIMs provide an extra layer of security as they cannot be removed from your device. This means you have complete control over your connection and can avoid risky public Wi-Fi altogether.

Connect in Minutes: Unbeatable Convenience in Europe

Unlike some traditional SIM card purchases that require ID verification, Holiday eSIM Europe prioritizes your time. Our streamlined process eliminates the need for KYC procedures, allowing you to activate your eSIM and get connected in minutes – no paperwork, no waiting!

Focus on Your Adventure, Not Bureaucracy: The last thing you want on your European vacation is to deal with bureaucratic hurdles. With Holiday eSIM Europe, you can skip the lines and focus on what truly matters – exploring new cultures, indulging in delicious food, and creating lasting memories.

eSIM Europe Countries Coverage

All our Europe eSIM prepaid plans offer blazing fast 5G connectivity at the following destinations;

Andorra, Azores, Aland islands, Austria, Balearic islands, Belgium, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Corfu, Crete, the Cyclades, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France mainland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Isle of Man, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rhodes, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican City

eSIM Europe Supported Devices

For a comprehensive list of smartphones and devices that support eSIM technology, refer to our post here or check with your manufacturer.

How to Set Up eSIM Europe

To find our how to install and activate your eSIM, refer to our guide here.

Europe awaits, and Holiday eSIM Europe is your key to unlocking an unforgettable adventure.  it's your gateway to a worry-free and hyper-connected European adventure. Visit our website today and start planning your dream trip!