Why are eSIMs more secure than SIM cards?

If you use a smartphone in 2023, there is a very strong chance that the device and its SIM card carry the entirety of your identity and history. Even if you are careful by nature and you would never lose your phone or have it stolen, you can still risk seriously compromising your personal information which can be used to cause you serious harm. 

When you’re traveling overseas, you are opening yourself up to potential danger everywhere. However, if you get an eSIM bundle, you can enjoy enhanced protection and privacy wherever you go in Europe.

You may be wondering how exactly would eSIMs save you from identity or data theft. If someone steals your phone, does it really matter if you have an eSIM or not? 

The answer is yes, eSIMs are extremely secure compared to the average SIM card. 

For starters, an eSIM makes it much harder for someone to steal your identity or information, is equipped with stronger encryption, and allows for remote disabling.

eSIMs prevent you from SIM cloning

Have you ever been away from your phone for 20 minutes? That’s all it takes for someone to clone your SIM card. A cloned SIM card will allow the person to monitor all your calls and messages whenever you use your SIM card. They would also be able to make calls as well. All of this would be possible without ever having to access your phone again.

A cloned SIM card may be used for Voice, and SMS, once it has been cloned. A cloned sim is just as good as the original, making this extremely risky. 

An individual whose SIM card has been cloned will now be able to get text messages and other services. Your bank accounts would also be compromised due to your phone number being linked to your accounts and OTPs that are generally involved.

The most effective step you can take to prevent your phone from being cloned is not to let it out of your sight or let it fall into the possession of another person. But since you are traveling, this may not always be possible. 

If you are using an eSIM it is infinitely harder for anyone to clone your phone for a variety of reasons.

Because eSIM information is entirely digital (Secure Enclave on iOS devices, for example) on the device, removing it to read its contents should be more difficult than removing a physical SIM card from a SIM card slot and putting it into a card reader.

eSIMs can help you in case of device theft

You’ll be able to remotely disable the eSIM on a device that allows it, essentially rendering it useless. This means that if your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely disable the eSIM, making it impossible for the thief to use it. 

Some criminals are not interested in the data on your phone; they just want to steal it. At this time, a criminal may make a stolen phone suitable for resale by performing a factory data reset on it, removing the current SIM card, and disabling any device limitations they may have access.

It is impossible to get rid of an existing eSIM profile without the owner's password being entered first. It is also not allowed to add a new profile without first obtaining the authentication of the current owner. 

If someone is naive enough to acquire a stolen phone that still has the previous owner's profile active, it will be rather simple to find out where the phone is.

Avoid potentially risky Wi-Fi networks with eSIMs 

Free Wi-Fi is found in almost all public places these days including coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, bars, and restaurants. While these may be enticing, you should know that just connecting to a Wi-Fi network you do not know can potentially leave you open for hacking.

A hacker can do the following with ease when you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network.

1. Get your user IDs and passwords

2. Access your computer remotely and all of its data as well as its network.

3. Attack your device with spam or malware

4. Keep a log of the information on the web traffic that is accessible on your computer or phone. This will allow them to devise an attack using that information. 

5. Redirect you to phishing sites 

Malicious hotspots are an even greater threat to your safety since they have been put up to deceive you into connecting to them. Users will often connect to an unprotected hotspot that has been given the name of a local place of business, such as a restaurant, café, or hotel. 

These users are blissfully oblivious to the risk that they are putting themselves in when they do so.

You may be able to protect yourself from this scenario by always asking the employees of the business if the WiFi hotspot is legitimate; however, there is no guarantee that they will even be aware of the imposter. In some cases, you may be able to protect yourself from this scenario by asking the employees of the business if the WiFi hotspot is legitimate. In point of fact, it's very possible that the workers of the company are accessing the hacked WiFi network without even being aware that anything is wrong.

Attacks that include a third party acting as a mediator are known as man-in-the-middle attacks. This kind of attack often targets public WiFi networks that have poor protection. This implies pretty much exactly what it sounds like it means - the attacker is positioned between you and the server you are attempting to access, and you are completely unaware of their presence.

Because of this, the attacker is able to monitor all of your traffic, which they may then exploit to steal your personal information, steal payment details such as credit card numbers, and even alter the data packets in order to install malware or spyware on your device.

The security measures that are in place for cellular networks are far stronger than those for public Wi-Fi networks. 

Connectivity options like 3G and 4G make it practically difficult for data to be stolen due to features like private access and private networks.

You can gain control over the whole of your data transfer, encryption, and authentication when you use an eSIM plan. You don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi again as you can just follow our pay-as-you-go model whenever you would want to connect to the Internet fast and securely.

The most secure eSIMs for Europe

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