Read on to discover how you can effectively manage your mobile data use while traveling

While you can access high-speed Internet in Europe in minutes with our eSIM plans, you should also know how much data you would need during your adventure throughout the continent.

Data usage is relative - whether you are working or looking up hotels or just binging on your favorite shows while in transit, each second you spend streaming or downloading can potentially have you dreading high roaming charges.

Sure, you can just use the WiFi back at your hotel but what if you just wanted to quickly send that 1GB spreadsheet to your client or boss right away and not be dependent on anything other than just your phone?

How much mobile data do heavy users need?

A 2021 study by Ericsson found that the average smartphone user used around 12GB of data a month. This has only risen dramatically recently with the unprecedented growth of AR, VR, and Mixed Reality experiences into the mainstream Internet.

In addition, the average mobile user usually spends at least 2 hours every day on YouTube and various other social media channels.

Put that in the context of your needs while you pick a mobile data plan for Europe!

How much mobile data is used by YouTube and TikTok?

Let’s look at data usage in terms of using YouTube, TikTok, and Netflix. Here’s a quick breakdown.

While a video at 144p resolution will only consume 90MB per hour, the same one will set you back by nearly 3GB if you decide to crank up the video quality to 720p HD. That is a massive difference and for good reason. Check out the difference below!

A video at 144p

The same video at 720p

As for TikTok, the data use is determined by several factors, but a good comparison would be 1 gigabyte of cellular data for every hour of video watched. Therefore, if you spend at least 60 minutes every day within the app, you are likely to need more than 30GB of mobile data in a month.

When it comes to Netflix, get ready to crank it up to nearly 4GB on average per episode of your favorite show if you want to enjoy it in higher definition. 

Data consumption can vary wildly dependent on the apps and activities you are engaged in. 

What is important is to have a plan that will save you from worrying about running low on your data limits or racking up expensive roaming charges while not bothering to turn down video resolutions or being limited in your surfing and online activities.

We tend to use our phones for more than just making calls and sending texts. We use them for email, social media, online banking, and other tasks. Moreover, WiFi is not always available or reliable. The best way to remain connected is with just your device data plans. Lastly, with things like streaming music and video, downloading large files, and using GPS navigation, using more mobile data is just a fact of life for us. We need it to stay connected and productive while we're on the go. This applies doubly to digital nomads. 

We believe there should never be any compromise on your connectivity experience wherever you are in the world.

The best eSIM bundles for data-hungry digital nomads


  • 20GB of 4G/LTE data in Europe 

  • 120 min. + 1000 SMS from Europe to Worldwide

  • Unlimited calls and texts in Europe

  • Valid for 14 days after the first use

Orange Holiday Zen Europe

  • 8GB of 4G/LTE data in Europe 

  • 30 min. + 200 SMS from Europe to Worldwide

  • Unlimited calls and texts in Europe

  • Valid for 14 days after the first use

The advantage of Orange eSIM Europe plans

Buying an eSIM bundle will cover all your data needs and also give you nearly instant connectivity. What’s more? Zero paperwork and reliable connectivity backed by Orange, the best mobile network in Europe!

Our wide range of eSIM plans will have the perfect bundle for you based on your mobile data usage habits. 

In addition to allowing you to make and receive calls, as well as use it anywhere in Europe, your eSIM bundle comes with significant savings on the data plan you purchase. You will also receive a predetermined number of minutes to use for international calling.

Our eSIM solutions for travel are provided by major mobile network operators, so you can be sure that you will always have reliable and high-speed connectivity wherever you go.

  • Skip filling out hard-to-understand and boring paperwork

  • Do away with additional fees for roaming 

  • Enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity everywhere you go

  • Get connected in minutes

How to activate your eSIM plan?

After buying, your brand-new eSIM will be sent to your email. Once the QR code has been scanned, the activation of the product will begin immediately. We strongly advise you to be physically present in Europe before activating your eSIM as it activates immediately.

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Is my device eSIM compatible?

The use of physical SIM cards is becoming increasingly antiquated as the globe swings more and more toward digital communication. The new iPhone 14 is one of the first major phones to depend completely on eSIM technology. 

eSIM technology is supported by a large number of devices and all phones are expected to be solely reliant on eSIM in the future. For a comprehensive list of phones that support eSIM, please refer to our guide here.

So, the next time you’re marveling at the wonders of the Louvre or taking in the majesty of the Eiffel Tower, don’t hesitate to send or receive that big attachment that’s on the back of your mind!