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Author: Greg Heckler

Great Price And Easy To Use

  • Review Add on:10/06/2024
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We purchased the Orange Holiday 12GB plan from Holiday eSIM, and couldn't be happier with the results.

For a 2 week vacation in the UK we started with the 12GB plan, ran out of data , then just purchased another 12 GB.
We didn't want to go through the registration process with Orange to use the top-off feature.
We also ignored Orange's messages to register the French phone number, as we wouldn't be keep it past the 30 days.
This was still way more cost effective than using AT&T's International Day Pass @ $12/day in 2024.

Following Holiday eSIM's instructions went flawlessly, and we had phone and data service throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Definitely a must have for planning underground train schedules, bus schedules, and Google maps for road trips.

iPhone porting text messages with a 2nd SIM is hit & miss, so it's a good plan to have yourself and family set up with WhatsApp as a back up.

Holiday eSIM is a must buy for any vacation!

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