How to choose the best eSIM for international travel in 2023

Using an eSIM while you are traveling around the world can give you an unparalleled mobile connectivity experience that can save you loads of time and effort, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your holiday. With the new holidayeSim Asia and global eSIMs, you can get ultra-fast 5G Internet along with comprehensive coverage across 120 countries.

In addition to the obvious advantage of steering clear of exorbitant roaming fees that could set you back thousands of dollars, an international eSIM can be an incredibly useful companion during your travels, saving you both time and hassle that you might otherwise spend procuring a local SIM card at each stop.

Read on to find out what matters while picking an international eSIM and how to pick the best one before you chart your itinerary. 

  • What an eSIM is and how does it differ from a physical SIM card?

  • Benefits of using an eSIM for international travel

  • How do eSIMs work?

  • Why do coverage, pricing, and customer support matter when picking a global eSIM?

  • The best international eSIM from holidayeSim

  • How to activate eSIM for international travel?

What an eSIM is and how does it differ from a physical SIM card?

A SIM card is a tiny chip used for identifying and authenticating a mobile device on a network, containing data such as the user's phone number and carrier plan. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, enabling a mobile carrier to connect a user's device with their account. A physical SIM card requires registration of a unique identifier with the mobile network, typically necessitating a visit to a store to obtain and install the card.

This is in addition to the potential piles of paperwork that you may need to fill out as well as producing the required documentation to obtain one.

In contrast, eSIMs are digital SIMs built into newer smartphones, integrated into the device's circuitry. 

By scanning a QR code provided by the carrier, users can set up their device to join the carrier's network remotely, rather than inserting a physical SIM card. This offers particular benefits for frequent travelers or those who switch carriers often, eliminating the need for multiple physical SIM cards or visiting a store to obtain a new one.

Apple's inclusion of eSIM technology in the iPhone 14 is a significant step towards its mainstream acceptance. As one of the most popular smartphone brands, Apple's move may prompt other smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers to follow suit, with eSIMs expected to become the industry standard for mobile connectivity.

Benefits of using an eSIM for international travel

holidayeSim’s international eSIMs are the most convenient and cost-effective solution for travelers who need mobile connectivity without the hassle of buying a physical SIM card every time they land in a foreign country. With the eSIM, travelers can connect to a local carrier's network by scanning a QR code provided by the carrier or through an app, thereby eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. 

The best part is that the whole process only takes under a minute!

Moreover, one of the primary benefits of eSIMs is their cost-effectiveness. With traditional SIM cards, travelers often have to pay high roaming charges or buy new SIM cards for every country they visit, resulting in significant costs that can quickly add up. 

However, eSIMs enable travelers to sign up for a local carrier's data plan that is customized to their needs and budget, at a fraction of the cost of roaming charges or their carrier’s international plan. Moreover, eSIMs allow users to switch between carriers easily, enabling them to choose the best available deal for their needs without having to worry about the physical SIM card.

Another advantage of eSIMs is their convenience. With an eSIM, travelers can sign up for a data plan even before they leave for their destination, eliminating the need to spend time looking for a local SIM card vendor upon arrival. 

As mentioned earlier, the activation process for eSIMs is simple and quick, often involving no more than scanning a QR code. This means that travelers can start using their eSIM almost immediately upon arrival, ensuring that they are always connected and can access the information they need while abroad.

In addition to being cost-effective and convenient, eSIMs also offer increased flexibility and security compared to traditional SIM cards. With an eSIM, travelers can use multiple mobile numbers on a single device, making it easier to separate personal and work communications or to use different numbers for different purposes while traveling. 

This can prove indispensable for the truly restless digital nomads who like to figure out things on the fly instead of following any specific itinerary.

Furthermore, eSIMs are more secure than traditional SIM cards, as they are tamper-proof and can be remotely managed, preventing unauthorized access or tampering. While it may be tempting you just use free public Wi-Fi wherever it is available, you should consider the plethora of risks associated with connecting to an unknown network.

With traditional SIM cards, there is a risk of unauthorized access or tampering, which can compromise user data and personal information. eSIMs are more secure than physical SIM cards because they are tamper-proof and can be remotely managed, ensuring that only authorized users can access the device and network. 

This enhanced security feature makes eSIMs an ideal solution for businesses that need to protect their data and communications while on the move.

Finally, eSIMs offer improved environmental sustainability compared to traditional SIM cards. With physical SIM cards, travelers often have to dispose of the card after their trip, resulting in waste that can harm the environment. In contrast, eSIMs are a paperless solution, eliminating the need for physical materials and reducing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and shipping traditional SIM cards.

How do eSIMs work?

eSIM technology works by using a programmable chip that stores information about the user's account, such as their phone number, carrier plan, and other details, much like a traditional SIM card. However, an eSIM is programmable remotely, which means that users can activate it with their carrier's network without having to physically insert a new  SIM card.

Users only need to scan a QR code to connect to a mobile network. The activation process involves downloading the eSIM profile, which contains the necessary information for the user to connect to the carrier's network, onto the mobile device. Once downloaded, the user can  start using the carrier's services immediately.

One of the key benefits of eSIMs is their flexibility. With a physical SIM card, users are tied to a specific carrier and often have to buy a new SIM card when traveling abroad or switching carriers. In contrast, eSIMs allow users to switch between carriers easily, enabling them to  choose the best available deal for their needs without having to worry about the physical SIM card. 

This flexibility makes eSIMs particularly attractive for frequent travelers who need to connect to different networks in various countries.

Why do coverage, pricing, and customer support matter when picking a global eSIM?

While it takes only a few seconds to set up the holidayeSim international eSIM, you have to consider factors such as coverage, pricing, and customer support if you truly want to get the best product.

With strong and reliable network coverage in over 120 countries, holidayeSim’s range of eSIMs can give you unparalleled network connectivity whether you are in a remote corner of Southeastern Africa or right in the commercial capital of the Middle East. A strong signal can help enhance the overall mobile experience, making it more efficient, convenient, and effective.

When a device has a strong network signal, it can transfer data more quickly than when the signal is weak. This means that users can load web pages, stream videos, and download files much faster. A strong network signal also means better call quality, with fewer dropped calls and less background noise. 

This is particularly important for travelers who cannot afford to just go off the grid during their holidays.

It is also worth noting that a better signal means improved GPS accuracy. Your phone uses GPS to provide location-based services, such as maps and navigation. A strong network signal can help improve the  accuracy of GPS data, making it easier to find directions or locate nearby businesses and landmarks. Just imagine the nightmare it would be to navigate a foreign land where you do not know the language without Google or Apple Maps!

Meanwhile, with prices ranging from $13 to $37, holidayeSim gives you truly affordable high-quality connectivity. With flexible pay-as-you-go recharge options, you can cut down on your costs while massively reducing the time and effort you would otherwise invest into getting a SIM card at each stop of your journey.

holidayeSim’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and technical support is unmatched in the industry. We understand that our customers rely on their eSIMs to stay connected while traveling and we are always available to assist you with any technical or other issues you may encounter.

Should you ever run into any difficulties with your international eSIM, simply reach out to our dedicated support team by dialing +44 03300101391. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with prompt and effective assistance.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and our ability to resolve issues quickly, so you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to ensure that your eSIM is functioning optimally regardless of your location or timezone.

At holidayeSim, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that your experience with our international eSIM is as smooth and seamless as possible. So don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your international eSIM - we're here to help!

The best international eSIMs from holidayeSim

Sim2fly Global eSIM

  • Global eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 15 days

  • Get 6GB High-speed 5G Data

  • Strong and reliable network overage in 120 countries

  • Includes Thai number

  • Instant installation

  • Valid for 15 days

  • Truly unlimited plan (reduced speed after data cap)

Sim2fly International eSIM Asia

  • Asia eSIM 6GB Plan Valid for 8 days

  • Get 6GB High-speed 5G Data

  • Strong and reliable network coverage across Asia

  • Includes Thai number

  • Instant installation

  • Valid for 8 days

  • Truly unlimited plan (reduced speed after data cap)

How to activate eSIM for international travel?

To get started with the holidayeSim international eSIM, first, choose one that best fits your needs from our store. You are only seconds away from having the best mobile Internet experience!

After you’ve made your purchase, a QR code will be sent to your registered e-mail which you need to scan with your smartphone. This email will contain instructions on how to scan the QR code and activate the eSIM on your device.

Firstly, navigate to your phone's settings menu and select the option to add a new cellular plan. From there, you will be prompted to scan the QR code.

Once you have scanned the QR code, the eSIM will be activated and ready to use. This means you can start enjoying the benefits of the eSIM right away, without having to wait or go through any complicated processes.

The activation process of an eSIM is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with clear instructions and prompts guiding you through each step. This ensures that even those who may not be technically savvy can easily set up and activate their eSIM.

For Android devices

  1. Open Settings

  2. Navigate to "Use a different network" option.

  3. Select "Scan QR code" and scan the code that you received in your email.

For Apple devices

  1. Open Settings

  2. Select 'Add cellular plan'

  3. Use the camera when prompted

  4. Scan the QR code

Please check if your device supports eSIM technology by referring to our guide here.

Here are the USSD codes for getting your eSIM plan details

To check your validity, dial *121#

To check your data allowance, dial *111*6#

To check your phone number, *545#